What Qualifications Do Staff at the Hearing Loss Association in Los Angeles Have?

The Hearing Loss Association in Los Angeles, California, is staffed by a team of highly qualified professionals. Barbara Kelley is the Executive Director, Lise Hamlin is the Director of Public Policy, Marilyn DiGiacobbe is the Director of Development, and Rini Indrawati is the Director of Operations. Hearing tests are used to assess both the possibility of disease and the effects of hearing loss on function. Depending on the cause of the hearing problem, medical or non-medical professionals may be needed to help with difficulties in daily listening activities and communication problems.

This policy could make it easier for consumers to switch between hearing health care providers for later care if their providers don't meet their needs. Programs are available to help people who are new to using hearing aids, people with experience using hearing aids, or people who have hearing loss but don't use hearing aids. Mobile health technology is also being used more and more in hearing health care. Patients may need to make a large investment in hearing aids when they receive a diagnosis of hearing loss.

Health professionals can play a positive role in helping people accept and adapt to a diagnosis of hearing loss. Interactive strategies can be used to increase knowledge and respond to the psychosocial needs of people with hearing loss. Increasing diversity in clinical and research staff in hearing health care can improve access to health services and equity. Hearing aids are the most common treatment for which hearing health professionals provide services and support.

However, they can also provide similar services with assistive hearing technologies such as products that connect to the television or telephone. Treatment for hearing loss will vary depending on the person's type of hearing loss, unique daily living needs, personal preferences, and financial means. Examples of tasks that may be asked of patients include completing a pre-exam survey, training non-medical staff to perform basic tests, taking an oral history, or exploring the possibility of hearing loss problems through a whisper test or by rubbing their fingers.

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