Getting an Appointment with the American Hearing Loss Association in Los Angeles

The American Hearing Loss Association (HLAA) is a leading organization that works to open up the world for those with hearing loss. HLAA has chapters and state organizations, as well as programs and events that are designed to help those with hearing loss. On average, it takes 10 years for hearing aid users to get help for their hearing loss, which can lead to difficulty communicating with loved ones and an increased risk of isolation and health issues. The Los Angeles branch of the American Hearing Loss Association meets for coffee on the fourth Saturday of every month (except May, November and December).

They also host an annual event in New Orleans from June 29 to July 1, where attendees can learn about hearing health, access to communication, and the technologies and strategies that help people with hearing loss live well. The Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (GLAD) serves Los Angeles, Orange, Kern, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Luis Obispo counties. Their goal is to promote the educational, health, housing, vocational, cultural, social and recreational well-being of deaf and hard of hearing voters. If you have hearing loss caused by problems in the outer or middle ear (conductive hearing loss), Baha will avoid these problems and will directly stimulate the inner ear.

Patients with hearing problems can purchase the latest in programmable digital hearing aids. USC's “Here, My Voice 3” program seeks adults with hearing loss for a study focused on improving vocal confidence and the joy of expressing themselves. The evaluation of the application consists of hearing tests with and without hearing aids, as well as medical evaluations. Jeff has 48 years of experience in providing important information on the latest developments in hearing aids.

He also shares his personal observations on over-the-counter hearing aids and answers many questions that people may have about them. Fortunately, there are many organizations that are dedicated to improving access and advocating for people with hearing difficulties in Southern California. Causes of hearing loss can range from genes and exposure to noise to medications, head injuries and infections. The American Hearing Loss Association's Walk4Hearing increases public awareness of hearing loss, eradicates the stigma associated with it, and raises funds for national and local programs.

On March 26th, HLAA-Los Angeles held its biggest in-person meeting in three years on a gorgeous Sunday in spring with nearly perfect weather. Many people with hearing disabilities sit in silence instead of participating in conversations and activities because they fear that their hearing problems will make them appear powerless or incompetent. However, many public places have loop systems that allow hearing aid users to move their headphones to “T” or telephone coil mode.

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